*Receive a 5% Cash Back Rebate

We actually pay you to process with us!

Stop Paying Credit Card Processing Fees!

If you’re paying a dollar in merchant service fees then you could be paying a dollar too much! Not only will we eliminate your merchant service fees but the more you process the more you get paid. Call us today and say goodbye to your costly credit card processing fees tomorrow. Only at Speedy Merchant Services!

Committed to Service

You have speedy fast customer service, after all, our name speaks for itself, And we take customer service seriously and all our customer support representative are right here in the U.S. so there is no language barrier or outside resourcing of employees, we are a U.S. based company and we employ only U.S. legal residents.

How a credit card transaction works!

A customer pays for your products or services with their credit or debit card. The credit card processor receives the details of the payment and will review the transaction for potential fraud before forwarding the transaction to the card association or bank that issued the customer’s card. The card processor verifies the customer’s credit card details first and then relays the information back to you (the merchant) on one of the processors secure, online secure payment gateways so the transaction can be completed. If the verification is denied by the card association/issuing bank, the card processor will relay that information back to you (the merchant) who can then decline the transaction. All of this happens in just a few seconds.


*Bad Credit No-Problem!

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*Disclaimer: Free credit card processing if the merchant chooses our cash discount program where the customer is charged a convenience fee for using a credit and or debit card and certain industry types and average ticket sizes may restrict being able to receive this product or may cause a smaller monthly flat fee. Same day funds merchant may have to pay a small fee for this service and some industries and merchants may not qualify. 5% cash back rebate merchant will receive a rebate of 5% of the profit SMS makes from the account monthly and is paid quarterly to the merchant. Bad credit – no problem is for non high ticket merchants not in high risk industries and not currently on the match file for owing money to a prior credit card processing company.

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